The competition, in both categories, will be developed in 3 (three) stages: a) Qualifying Round, b) Semifinal, c) Final.

a) Qualifying Round: All registered couples will participate. They will dance once or twice (according to the schedule established by the Organization)

b) Semifinal: Couples that have been selected in the Qualifying Round will participate.

c) Final: Couples that have been selected in the Semifinal will participate.

In the Salon Tango category, couples will compete in group performances, dancing to three songs, recorded or played live, selected by the Organization.

In the Stage Tango category, each couple will compete individually, dancing to one song of their choice. The music piece shall not exceed (4) minutes and must be handed in to the Organization in digital format (two CD copies in good condition or mp3).

Since the jury will evaluate the variety of choreographies exhibited, it is recommended that participants perform different choreographies for each of the Qualifying rounds, although this is not exclusive.

The Organization will be entitled to eliminate from the competition those participants that:

a) Do not comply with the rules.

b) Commit any moral offense or improper act that tarnishes the image of the Championship or may cause displeasure in the public.

In order to ensure the impartiality and professional integrity of the jury members, contestants will not be able to participate in seminars, workshops and/or classes taught by any member of the jury, as long as they are in the competition.


In both categories, the jury will be composed of a minimum of 4 (four) members, who— understanding and accepting the rules of the competition, and committing to their compliance—will determine the score of the participating couples. The juries will be appointed in accordance with the Office of Festivals, the Organization of the Preliminary and the Association of Teachers, Dancers and Choreographers of Argentine Tango (AMBCTA).

All the decisions of the jury will not be subject to appeal. By enrolling, participants accept this condition. In case of distrust or disagreement, participants may submit a written statement (in Spanish or English) to the Organization and NOT directly to the panel of evaluating judges. Any jury member who may have had a work relationship or been the teacher of any of the participants of the Preliminary for a period of at least 6 months close to the beginning of the competition, shall refrain from scoring such participant. For this purpose, both the voluntary statements of the jury and the information provided by participants when enrolling will be taken into account. In these cases, to get the couple’s final score, the judges’ scores will be added, and this amount will be divided by the number of jury members who actually voted.

The final score for each performance will result from the accumulation of points, given by each member of the jury on a scale of 1 to 10, in accordance with the criteria described in the following section.

The jury will choose a winning couple in each category. Also, the jury (with the agreement of the Organizer) may grant awards and special mentions to the second and third place, and will be entitled to award other mentions if deemed appropriate.

In exceptional cases (power interruption, incidents on stage, etc.), the jury may determine that contestants should dance to additional songs to arrive at a fair verdict. Participants may not refuse to perform.

In case of a tie, the couples with the same final score will have to break the draw, either by dancing an additional round in the salon tango category, or by performing a new choreography in the stage tango category, until a winning couple emerges from the votes of the jury.


Appointed by the Office of Festivals and Central Events, the Supervisor will bear the responsibility of ensuring the compliance of the present Rules and properly solve any inconvenience not considered in these Rules and establish or inform about the clarifying or interpretative rules that he considers necessary.


The Organization of the Preliminary reserves the right to record all the stages of the Championship, by any means known or to be known—including but not limited to filming, recording, photographing, digitalization, etc.—by itself or third parties, in order to promote and advertise the event. The recorded material obtained will be exclusive property of the Organization of the Preliminary, who will have to turn a copy of it, as established by the Collaboration Agreement, to the Office of Festivals. By entering the Championship, participants explicitly and irrevocably authorize the use of the recorded material, without this suggesting—or implying—any compensation for any reason whatsoever by the Organization of the Preliminary and/or the Office of Festivals, in favor of any person or organization that claims entitlement to any right that may be invoked. This clause also includes, without limitations, all photographic material published and/or made available for promotion, advertisement, etc.

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