SALON TANGO / TANGO DE PISTA (unrestricted entry, amateurs and professionals)

Once formed, the couple must not separate while the music is playing. For the position to be considered correct, the body of one of the members of the couple must be contained all the time by the arm of the other. It is understood that in certain figures, this may be flexible, but not throughout the duration of the dance.

All movements must be made within the space allowed by the couple’s embrace.

The Jury will take into account the couple’s musicality and walking style as fundamental to the score.

Within these parameters, the couple may perform any commonly used figures of “social” tango, including barridas (sweeps), sacadas al piso (drawn to the floor), enrosques (twists), etc.

Jumps, figures that involve losing the contact of both feet with the floor and all other choreographic possibilities typical of Stage Tango are completely forbidden.

As is typical in a dancehall, couples must constantly move counterclockwise and may not stay in the same part of the choreographic space as this would obstruct the circulation on the dance floor.

Outfits will not be taken into consideration during the judging process.

STAGE TANGO (unrestricted entry, amateurs and professionals)

Participants will be able to express their view of the Argentine tango dance. This means that couples will be allowed to perform movements, figures and applications that are not directly related to the traditional tango dance. But the choreography must include traditional elements of tango: figure eights, spins, long walks, voleos, hooks, and the “milonguero embrace.” Couples will be able to break the embrace and use techniques from other dance disciplines, as long as they are justified and enrich the performance of the dancer.

Aerial tricks and movements from other dance disciplines must not be excessive. This means that they must not exceed a third of the overall performance. The couple must include floor movement sequences throughout the whole stage floor.

Outfits may be taken into consideration during the judging process.

If a technical problem should occur, the Jury will evaluate the repetition of the choreography at the end of the assigned performing time slot.

In case of having a problem with the choreography, the couple will decide whether to continue dancing or not, and the Jury will evaluate the manner and grace with which they solve the inconvenience; but the couple will not be allowed to repeat the performance.

The selected song cannot not be more than four (4) minutes long.

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