RULES - Official Preliminary of Tango Buenos Festival & World Cup

The Tango Dance competition will consist of the following categories: Salon Tango and Stage Tango. Entry to both categories is open to amateurs and professionals.


The Buenos Aires City’s Office of Festivals and Central Events of the Ministry of Culture will be the highest authority in the competition, with regard to the compliance of all the terms and conditions stated in these Rules. However, the organizing body of the PRELIMINARY will be the only one responsible for carrying out the event, in accordance with the letter agreement signed in due course and in each particular case with the Office of Festivals and Central Events. The organization of the PRELIMINARY may charge a fee to enter the competition, as well as to register in workshops or other scheduled activities. For this purpose, the Organizer will state, in the Annex I of these Rules, all information related to dates and ways to register, additional awards and mentions to the one established in the present Rules.


To be eligible to register, dance partners must be 18 years of age by the start date of the local competition and must demonstrate a minimum of 1 (one) year of residence within the area of influence of the corresponding Preliminary.

No one will be allowed to register two or more times in the same category, but it will be possible in different ones, with the same or a different partner. If both members of the couple are natives or residents of different cities, they will have to choose the city of residence or birth of either one, as couples are allowed to represent only one city.


In order to check in, all contestants must attend on the date and time specified by the Organization of the Preliminary, with their ID card or passport. At this opportunity, they will

receive the order number and be informed of the approximate dates and times on which they will perform in the different stages of the corresponding category.

Those who do not check in will not be able to participate in the championship. A delay will only be considered in duly proven cases of force majeure, except in the event of circumstances of public knowledge.

At the time of check‐in, contestants will have to complete a form with their personal details, and with any other additional information required by the organization. On this form, they shall inform if they have had a work, professional or personal relationship with any of the members of the jury from the competition, in the last 180 days prior to the championship.

All the information provided at the time of check‐in will be considered a sworn statement. Any contradiction in the information, subsequent to the signature, shall be penalized by the Organization with the subtraction of points, disqualification from the competition, or any other resolution that this body may establish.

The ID and the registration form must be shown at every stage of the competition.

All championship contestants commit themselves to participate in various ceremonies and events planned by the Organization of the Preliminary—such as press conferences, interviews for radio stations and over‐the‐air or cable television channels, etc.—if they are summoned for such purpose.

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